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Build it and they will come! Not exactly.

Many companies put a lot of time and effort into the planning, building and launching of a website. Whether the website is to sell products online, provide a corporate presence or even a blog to get feedback from customers - you need to get found.

In the early days this was relatively easy to do and the results varied with your approach - hopefully all above-board and no blackhat techniques like spoofing.

Fast forward to present day - its a whole new ballgame. Just in the past year alone there have been significant changes to search engine algorithyms which either helped you, or worse yet, put your web site in a bad position including dropping your organic search traffic up to 75%. At this point you should be thinking Google Panda combined with the dastardly Penguine and his cousins.

So what would a doctor recommend? A balanced SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, approach where all things are taken into consideration. You will need to work on organic search placement, Pay Per Click, Directory Inclusion and lots more.

SEM is different from SEO, although a lot of people think they are one in the same. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is considered a component or subset of SEM.

Read more about Search Engine Marketing  and Search Engine Optimization.

Contact us about performing an analysis of your current web site. The analysis will contain a detailed report based on the keywords you supply.

  • Keyword Rankings Report
  • Inbound Linking Report
  • Web site structure report
  • Social Media Presence
  • Recommendations for Improvement


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