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Hosted Domains in GoDaddy

The hosted domains panel gives you control of which domains you have assigned to a particular account. A couple of minor irritating things, or major depending on what you want to do, is the assignment of the primary domain and static IP addresses.


Currently, unless you know otherwise - if so please comment below, you can only have one static IP address per hosting account. Also you can only assign one primary domain. This would mean when you attempt to use multiple domains using a single account you can only have one static IP address assigned and host headers would have to be used, or WordPress Multi-site for WordPress web sites, to accommodate multiple sites.

Another major annoyance, if you already have a primary domain set and wish to change it to another primary domain DO NOT CLICK ADD DOMAINS. This will be a waste of time, about an hour, because you will have to delete the domain you just added.

The way to change primary domains is to:

  1. Select the current primary domain from the list by checking the little box
  2. Click the button above that says "Change Primary"
  3. Start typing the domain name in the text box. If it is in our account it will appear in the list to be selected.
  4. Select the new primary domain
  5. Wait another hour and the changes should take effect. Sometimes a call to support may be required for them to see the cahnges through - this is especially true when making DNS changes.

I would think that with a company the size of GoDaddy the portal tools they make available for their customers would be more "Usable" than they are now. But to their credit, if you have used any of their tools in the past you know they have come a long way! (With more to go...).

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Posted: 2/20/2013 4:23:33 PM by Proxy Consulting | with 0 comments
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