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Windows Send-To-Folder Customization

Everyone's familiar with the Windows Send To folder. It's there when you right-click on a file, about halfway down the context menu.

Did you know that you can add items to the SendTo Folder very easily? First, open the Send To folder like so: Windows Key + R (or Start --> Run). Then type in : shell:sendto

Once it pops open you can simply drag & copy or navigate to a shortcut to add it in there.

You may find it handy to add Notepad, your anti-malware tool, or just about any program you use on a regular basis.

Finally, you can bring it to the top of the list by renaming it, adding an 'a' in front.

Customize Windows Send-To-Folder

Posted: 12/24/2012 5:00:00 PM by Proxy Consulting | with 0 comments
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