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Image Buttons not Working using Internet Explorer 10

With the release of Internet Explorer 10 some web sites may experience problems that use image buttons.

The root of the problem is that image button click coordinates in IE 10 sends the coordinates using floating point values. Previously the values sent were integers. This will casue an exception, ParseInt32, to be raised.

Depending on where you go for a resolution you will find the following options:

1). Use JavaScript to convert the coordinates to what is expected - which is integers.
2). Recompile your project using .NET Version 4.5.
3). Use the following meta tag: <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9" />
4). Make sure your server is running .NET 4.5 - yes, see the requirements :-(

The best way to approach this particular issue is to start with the easiest solution and work your way forward. Luckily using the meta tag in the Master Page forcing IE 10 into IE 9 standards document mode did the trick. Others (source article) have reported that it did not work.

The next option would be to try using JavaScript. A nice function can be found in the source article that you can give a try.

The third option would be to make sure that your project is compiled using version 4.5.

Finally if you are running Windows Server 2003 you are in for a good time. You need to upgrade your server to 2008 or greater that will support .NET 4.5. This by far is the worst scenario especially given you need to setup the server, all your web applications, SSL certificates etc. Time intensive and most aggrivating. One would think that Microsoft would have forseen this issue.

So hopefully in all cases the meta tag will solve your issue. If not, see our friends at StackOverflow for the complete article.

Side Note: It's funny that the "Sign in or Register" area on the StackOverflow site is using image buttons, and guess what, it does not work with IE 10.

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